Windows 10X – A few months later

Ahhh… Windows 11 officially released 10 days ago as time of writing. I’m kinda interested about the inspiration of it’s GUI, Windows 10X.

Now, Windows 10X is meant to be a liter Windows version like Chrome OS, but later scrapped. Windows 10X is based on Windows CoreOS, which also used by Polaris, Hologram, Andromeda and more (most of them are scrapped.) This version of the OS has no legacy Win32 apps like a typical Windows version. Also, most of them (including Settings and Calculator) are downloaded.

EDIT: Hi, it’s me from October 16th, I forgot to mention that Windows 10X is also designed for dual screened and single screened PCs, laptops, netbooks etc. I learned this from reading articles and actually trying build 19578.

Now, I used an hack to bring Hyper-V on Windows 10 Home (by a batch script) and downloaded the final build, 20279, before it’s cancellation. (I’ll do a separate one for the official Microsoft Emulator images of them.)

Starting up

There’s nothing out of extraordinary. You got the new loading wheel (can be activated by WinAero Tweaker on later Windows 10 builds or most 11 builds) with the Hyper-V logo.

First phase
Second phase

The OOBE (Out of Box Experience) is identical to the one on Windows 11. It boots up by showing the logo. Then the OOBE starts. You enter your location, keyboard layout, logging in your Microsoft Account, adding a PIN, setting up privacy settings and there’s the desktop. (sadly no sounds on the Hyper-V)

Selecting your country
Logging In (censored)
The desktop and applications

The desktop is obviously blank due to the nature of the OS. You got the centered taskbar and cool background.

There’s the Settings. There’s a ton of settings (like screen resolution and stuff) removed with some added (like screen lock.) Nothing unusual is happening.

By the way, all applications are full screened or split screened (not in Snip and Sketch obviously.) This is obviously Windows 1.0x with modern UI and kernel. You can’t run 3 or more apps in spilt screen.

The start menu is filled with goodies like stuff. Windows 11 pulled this menu after Microsoft pulled the plug on 10X.

Calculator is your typical calculator app in full screen. (Internet is needed to download it on first boot. Charges may apply.)

36 years of Windows

There’s Snip and Sketch which is overlapping instead of full screen. It is obvious to make it’s job: make screen snips!

There’s the Camera app, there’s no virtual webcams attached.

Here’s another act of ripping yourself off:

There’s a version of defender here. I hope it is not as braggy as his brother.

The file manager don’t actually show your files in your hard disk, instead it’s showing OneDrive. (pretty neat if you use 10X as a companion)

Microsoft Edge is working. I tried loading BetaWiki and YouTube on it!

There’s the Microsoft Store, filled with goodies.

There’s a lot of apps I can’t talked about, but most of them are self-explanatory.


Windows 10X was canceled on February 2021, and later on reused it’s assets on other projects like 11. I think Windows 10X have potential but it’s later used on a reskinned Windows 10 build Windows 11. I think they should work on 11X soon. So goodbye guys, see you soon!

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