Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as an UWP app

So hey guys, I gonna talk about the UWP version of GTA SA and how do you get it after Rockstar delisting the games.


This version is the same one as in mobile version, the lackluster port by Wardrum Studios (now Groove Street Games), infamous to it’s bugs. This version, unlike the Android one, can’t support most mods, some mods like Ultimate ASI Loader, can be installed, but it’s complicated.

Main review

The game can be launch via the Start Menu as usual, after launching, you will greet by the GTA SA logo, then a logo of Rockstar with a loading bar and them the same Social Club pop up as in mobile.

Then you gonna reach the menu, which looks like this:

This is the same menu as the other versions (Remaster for PS3/X360(?), Android, and other mobile platforms (?)).

After starting a new game, you can see the UI elements to be different.

Actually, it’s funny when you ride a bike in the first time (in-game), you can see which input do you prefer (touchscreen inputs!)

The pause menu is optimized for touchscreens, thus this is how it looks:

I decided to play my saved game, which Drive-By. The one perk it has: Cloud Saves. I cannot log in my Social Club account since it was pirated. (BTW, you can add me on Steam or Social Club as Lucss21a, I occasionally play GTA Online)

Welcome back to Groove Street.

Carl is looking waxy as fuck, and squinting his eyes to see nothing but the road.

Ooooh…. Mystery bike! Did the captain make you pregnant? Nah, I’m joking, it’s just CJ’s shadow looking he’s riding bikes before it was invented.

Here’s more screenshots of Wardrum’s laziness.

Installation Guide

  1. Go to the official Microsoft Store link here.

2. Head over to this site. This will generate links for appx files.

3. Paste the Microsoft Store link and click the checkmark icon.
4. Now, you can see various appx files. If you use the ARM arch, you can choose the ARM one, if you use the x86 and x86-64 arch, download your corresponding arch. If you install it on an x64 system, download both the x86 and x64 version of VCRedist for Microsoft Store Apps.

5. You should have this download list.

6. After that, install the Visual C++ redistributables.

7. After a few minutes, it should be done.

8. After that, extract the game via 7zip into a folder.

9. After extracting, remove the AppxSignature.p7x file so you can install it. After that, your directory should look like this:

10. Download AutoUWP Launcher here. Don’t worry about the virus pop up, it’s just false positive.

11. Extract the exe file and ini file to the game folder.

12. Run the launcher as administrator. It’s very important to run it as administrator to install the game.

13. After that, you should see this pop up.

14. You should see this too.

15. After a few minutes, tada! It’s now installed!

16. Close the pop up and you should see this:

17. It automatically launches the game, and voila!

Thank you guys, and I see you guys, next time.

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